Jewelry Gift Guide

Morays Guide to Giving Jewelry Gifts They'll Not Forget

Whether it's your first Morays gift buying trip or your 75th Anniversary, there are certain jewelry "basics" - styles, colors, shapes, stones, metals - everyone wants in their jewelry box. Of course, that perfect Morays 50th Anniversary gift for someone who's been "gifted" fifty times already may be a little harder to find than an engagement present, but today's jewelry isn't just a matter of stones, Carats, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, pearls.

There is more freedom of styles, non-traditional uses for various stones and metals. Changing attitudes for men and women's items.

Male, Female, Unisex - no matter what your taste, no matter who you're buying for. The "classic" items and styles, the "new" designers and exciting, brave new jewelry and personal gifts are all here - if not on these pages, then in the store.

Not sure? Give one of our Morays associates a call, set up an appointment to visit our Downtown Miami store, with or without your giftee. It won't take us long to determine what they already have, what they love and what they want next. This is our sixth generation of family consulting, helping your family's sixth generation customer.

The Basics:

When a gift's from Morays, it's no such thing as basic

While the base styles to many of our jewelry gift items have been used/worn for centuries, Morays basic gift lines follow the classic - and go wherever you want from there.

Dangle Earring

No matter what the stone, metal, sizing, etc., women have always loved movement back and forth, hair tossing. The sense of a pair of butterflies, some shy and light, some colorful and in-your-face as you bob and toss and express yourself in your head movements.

As a "Jewelry Basic" every woman should have at least one pair of beautiful diamond (pearl or stone) danglers. They don't have to be big, don't have to be light. When your Moray's representative puts the dangle earrings against the skin of her neck, you'll know. So will she.

Diamond Studs

Not too many years ago, diamond studs were only sold in pairs, only sold to women. Today, from the classic bat mitzvah or quincionerra quarter carat diamond studs, to blinding beauties of multiple carats, stones cut and set to get all the dazzle you never want her to forget. If you happen to need one for your own ear, you can always get the matching pair.

Diamond Pendants

Sometimes, it's a smaller, simpler piece of jewelry that completes your outfit. Sometimes it's a pendant with so much bling, it is the outfit. Morays won't just show you what we have - ask to speak to one of our jewelers. Although diamond pendants are considered a jewelry wardrobe staple, the size and varieties of Morays stones, metals, designs and designers gives you more than the usual selection.

Diamond Bracelets

Stones can really add up on a diamond bracelet, as many can attest, especially when counting stones and carats on a tennis bracelet. You can get her a "show off daily" piece, find something to match the perfect outfit for that huge party or, to add even more romance, a diamond carpet or lattice bracelet, perhaps?

Diamond Hoops

From lovely, discreet hoops to those the size any fortune teller would be proud to show off, hoop earrings can go from conservative to Big Bigger Bling Blinger. Single, double rounds of stones, very small (huggy hoops, which hug the earlobe rather show air between the hoop and lobe), big open rings. Morays Hoops range from pert to pretty spectacular.

Diamond Solitaire

Tiny or tremendous, the diamond solitaire is the one piece of jewelry she'll wear the rest of her life. Meaningful doesn't need to be expensive. Choose what works for her, for you and for your lifestyle together. For more information on choosing the engagement ring, speak to your Morays associate at our Downtown Miami storefront. They've been dazzling newly engaged young ladies for six generations.

Eternity Bands

You only need to know one thing about Eternity Rings. Love last forever. The eternal circle, love without end. It can be made to match your engagement ring and complete your wedding set - or gift an Eternity Ring at a major anniversary. As she twists the ring on her finger, counting every stone that says I love you, she'll smile because like your love, the ring is endless, too.

Gemstone Jewelry

Precious or semi-precious, the world has gifted us with an unimaginable variety of beauty and baubles to accessorize a special outfit, to wear in celebration of an event or just because you love it. Purchase your gemstone jewelry piece by piece, or in an entire suite of complimentary designs. Mix, match, wear how you please. They'll please you.

Gold Jewelry

Gold never goes out of style. Love lasts forever. Morays has always maintained a wide variety of gold jewelry, male, female, unisex, dainty, blinging, blinding, conservative, any of which will add versatility and yes - more love - to your collection.

Pearl Studs

Although they're not as versatile, rarely as subtle as pearls, diamond and gold studs don't add up to a complete jewelry wardrobe. Pearl Studs whisper. The more you wear them, the warmer, more luminous your pearl studs become. Simple, yes. And simply beautiful, no matter what you pair them with.

Pearl Necklaces

Forget the fifties chokers - Even today's Millennials know there is nothing more classic - or classy - than Coco Channel's ropes of pearls, Holly Golightly's (Audrey Hepburn) pearls filling in the back of her dress as she waits at Tiffany's for Breakfast. The more you have, the more ways there are to mix, match, knot, combine. Be careful, though. That first gift strand may turn into a lifetime habit of pearl necklaces.

Right Hand Ring

We know you love her by the jewelry she wears, the wedding set, the sentences you finish for each other. But wouldn't you like to be her right hand person, as well? A right hand ring is any diamond ring not part of an engagement/ wedding/ anniversary set, worn on the right hand. Bold, whimsical, amusing or seriously stunning - if you've dressed her left hand for eternity, time to think about what the right should be doing.

Stackable Bracelets

Rose pink, white gold, one with stones, one with designs, all made even lovelier when you add another, and another. Stackable (bangle) bracelets are as versatile as their number and color - wear one, wear a dozen. Wear one with stones, one without. Versatile as they are fun, keep adding them up. You'll never be without several to wear at a time.

Stackable Rings

Anything goes. Stackable rings, he, she, they, add versatility and whimsy to the healthy jewelry collection. Wear one, wear a dozen. Men, women, teens - mix and match for birthdays, loved ones, business and personal events. Mix them with stackable bracelets, a diamond pendant - the result, pure 100% you!

Stud Earrings

A stud earring doesn't refer to single diamonds or the fellow who wants to buy you something. Studs are simply earrings that are on a post and don't dangle. They come with stones, monograms, combinations. Break up the set, let your boyfriend wear one - you're going steady!

Three Stone Rings

Three Stone Rings are another name for a wedding type ring worn on the right hand. Three stones usually start with a single diamond paired with two smaller dazzlers on each side. Wear on the right hand - cocktail extraordinary. On the left - does she know something I don't?

What's the best way to choose a Morays Jewelry Gift for your beloved?

To make it a little simpler, Morays has put together a few questions to ask the recipient. A few for the gifter to consider. And the rest of this site to choose the best gift Morays has to offer your beloved.

Remember, this isn't just any jewelry gift. It is a gift of love, chosen with love for the store, chosen at the store, with love for your beloved.

Gifter Questions: Things to ask her: How Morays got the knack for helping you pick the right gift.

  1. Those are lovely earrings. Are they pierced? (will tell you if she needs pierced or knobs)
  2. Is that a family piece you're wearing? What are the stones (so you can have something made to go with it)
  3. You have such strong, masculine hands. Why don't you ever wear rings?
  4. Keep going - ask about work, about dressing up, about her family jewels and attitudes toward jewelry.

If the thought of deciding - definitely, absolutely, exactly what she wants daunts you, don't hesitate. Call one of our Morays Gift Advisors and make an appointment to visit us at our Downtown Miami jewelry storefront.

The first question to ask, learn about what's available, pricing, brands, consumer trends, etc.

The second, learn about what your beloved loves. Your Morays associate will give you all the ideas and questions you need to get the truth.

Third, for some the most important, for others, not important at all. What's your budget? While for some of us, this is an absolute, for others, there are ranges. How much (as a % of income) should you spend on the wedding set? How can I tell that emerald is the best I can afford?

No matter the jewelry gift question, there is always one answer first, which in turn answers the rest. If it's the right advice on jewelry you want, Morays is where you'll find it. If it's the right gift of jewelry you want, Morays has that, too.