Let Morays Jewelers be your expert in separating diamonds, gemstones and jewelry for their quality, condition and value. When appraising, we have three main goals. First, we will help you identify and document your pieces, determine an estimated value, and provide you with a professional, detailed report.

Initial Consultation

Our consultation process allows us to answer all questions and provide expert advise on your valuables. This verbal appraisal service may be converted to a full size, extensively detailed appraisal report for an additional fee.
  • Quality disputes
  • Identification of a gemstone, metal alloys
  • Damage assessment
  • Inheritance arbitration
Please contact us in advance for our consultation services.

Full Formal Appraisals

A professionally rendered appraisal is an unbiased and impartial value conclusion determined using accepted value definitions. This conclusion of value is executed with knowledge in market analysis and research.

Information included in the report:
  • Detailed description of the jewelry
  • Photographs of each piece of jewelry
  • Description of metal types and weights
  • Stone types, weights and dimensions
  • Identification of diamond characteristics for all stones over .50 carats
  • Karat stampings, trademarks, copyrights, hallmarks, serial numbers, etc. to show authenticity
  • Copy of laboratory reports or certificates
  • Declared value
*Most insurance companies recommend Jewelry Appraisals be updated every two or three years. Morays Jewelers will provide a reduced fee for updated reports previously made by us, and free annual appraisals for anything purchased at Morays.

*Important note: If you already have documents, such as historical or family records, certificates, receipts, previous appraisal reports, or any other important information about the items, we ask that you bring them in along with your jewelry. It may be important to be documented in our final report.

Our Rates

Our fees are based on an hourly rate. The final fee will reflect the total amount of time spent on the appraisal, including take-in, cleaning and inspection of the jewelry, research and documentation, photography, preparation of the final documents, contacting the customer and delivering the items. If you have multiple pieces of jewelry, we do advise bringing them all in at the same time. Appraising multiple items on the same report will save both time and money.

Express service is available by appointment only for customers who wishes to wait while we clean, inspect, research, evaluate, document, photograph, and prepare the final document.

Contact us to make an appointment.