Birthstone Guide

A Solemn Promise from Downtown Miami’s heirloom Guild Jeweler

It’s your birthday? No? Mazel tov! Bueno! Fantastico! A Happy UnBirthday to you all, then!

Where is written a child born in June must always wear a pearl? Why claim the amethyst. Its purple quartz binding aficionados to peace of mind, tranquility?

Since the Bible’s first book, repeated preceded reseeded many ways true and not, certain precious and semi-precious stones have human personality traits. Once thought silly, gemstones also lend their gifts to certain astrological signs, certain months, distant moons, tidal waters.

The Morays Family has united – often reunited – many happy people with the blessings of their birthstones. For those special giftings and milestones, we also carry precious and semi-precious “modern” birth and other stones in combination with the more traditional birthstone itself. Some couples combine birthstones in matching settings. Others “exchange” birthstones.

Morays asks you indulge us, follow the birthstone chart belong. Consider the possibilities with one thing in mind: One birthstone is never enough.


Brings loyal friendship, travel protection
Garnet Red – Faith, eternity, truth


Attracts peace of mind, serenity, calm, strength
Amethyst Purple – Courage, health, youth


Cools tempers, sharpens the mind, calms the beast
Aquamarine blue-green to green-blue – Love, Eternity, Fearlessness, Invincibility


See things more clearly, honestly, find extra courage, strength
Clear – Joy, love, fortune. The symbol of life, fertility, rebirth, youth


Once dedicated to the Goddess of Love, attracts love, joy, fortune
Emerald Greens – wisdom, growth, patience.

June/ Gemini/Cancer

Perhaps hardened tears of Aphrodite, symbolizing modesty, purity and nobility.
Pearl pink, white, black, variegated shades – peace, beauty, strength.


Given for success, devotion, integrity. Attracts passion, blocks misfortune.
Red – love, passion, protection from evil.


Sleep set in gold, no more nightmares. Clears the mind, attracts peace.
Light Emeraldist Green – the tears of Pele, Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, promote truth


Favorite of early snake handlers, said to protect loved ones, symbol of fidelity
Orange, Green, Purple, Yellow, Pink – the colors of purity and wisdom.


Rainbows caught in stone, Sharpen your mind, ups – ups – your – vitality. We hear it wards away that plague


The Merchant’s Stone – Rate enough to launch a million imitations.
AKA The Healing Quartz, known to create vitality, success, confidence.

Blue Topaz (Traditional)/Turquoise Modern)

Blue hues from Swiss skies ambient London’ light, the topaz is said to have “cooling” qualities. The turquoise, nature’s love charm, doing her best at home protecting us from evil spirits.

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